About Us

Arifu is a digital content and interactive learning platform which is personalised and free for its learners. Arifu's chatbot is omnichannel and allows both smart and feature phone users to learn via SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Our vision is to provide easy access to information and opportunity within everyone's reach. Our purpose is to place opportunity and information within the reach of everyone. Our chatbot is FREE to our learners and available via any mobile chat application including SMS, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

our story

Arifu is a major capacity building platform in Africa

Our chatbot  is a trusted advisor in everyone’s phone—accessible without internet or airtime. 


People Behind Our Super Product

Our global headquarters in Nairobi is at the heart of our company. This is where we work on new solutions and groundbreaking innovation. 

Our Team

People behind our super product

Our team consists of experienced, highly professional individuals who value honesty, integrity and excellence in their work, and who exhibit an internal drive to deliver beyond expectations.

Craig Heintzman


Osman Siddiqi


Joyce Ollunga


Marisa Conway


Nyimbi Odero


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