CASE STUDY: Agricultural Livelihoods

The Problem

A multinational agribusiness with $14 billion annual turnover wanted an affordable and scalable way to train farmers, increase sales and improve product usage.

Our Solution

Arifu digitized the agribusiness’s traditional in-person training and product information dissemination which reduced their cost of delivery from $20 to $1 per farmer. We then engaged 250,000 farmers over interactive SMS to help improve their good agricultural practices.

In the first pilot with 5000 Kenyan farmers, we:

"It generated a bit of school fees and a livelihood"


Our Power Is in the Numbers

1 $
More income per acre
1 %
more income per acre
Improved farming practices


CASE STUDY: Financial Inclusion

The Problem

A digital financial service provider wanted to increase uptake and usage of a new savings and borrowing product among rural populations.

Our Solution

Arifu designed financial literacy and product education for 200 brand ambassadors and 3,000 rural customers, generating strong results on savings and loan behavior. We also learned from variations in content that the use of narratives and a personified digital advisor deepen the engagement.

"What has really helped me is that I can now take a bank loan. You can borrow money from the bank"


Our Power Is in the Numbers

1 %
Increase in saving deposits value
1 %
Increase in load disbursement
Faster repayments of first loans


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