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No matter your dreams and ambitions, Arifu offers exciting career opportunities in a truly open and exciting work environment. Explore this page to learn more about our culture, meet our people, and browse current vacancies.
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Whether you are a generalist, a specialist, newly-graduated or highly experienced, you will find exciting opportunities within Arifu.

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You have come to the right place if you are interested in becoming part of a cutting-edge edtech company in Africa and you are keen on driving your own career, while helping to improve the livelihoods of millions.

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Core Values

Company Culture

When joining Arifu, the world becomes your workplace. You will feel the diversity and dynamics of our international business from day one.

“An ideal culture is one in which there is a place for every human gift.”  – Margaret Mead

Five Corners of Arifu Culture

  1. Impact: We’re here to make a difference in people’s lives and to support them as they tackle life’s toughest challenges. Impact is at the heart of what we do, it’s in our DNA, and it is the glue that unites us all.
  2. Performance: Remarkable impact requires remarkable effort. Arifu is a home for driven, talented people to come together, master new skills, and collaborate in achieving ambitious goals. 
  3. Fun: Does this really need an explanation? The journey should be full of good times and in balance with the people and pursuits that matter to us inside and outside of work.
  4. Inclusive: Our product isn’t exclusive and neither are we. As long as you do no harm, you’re welcome to be who you are at Arifu. Our team will always welcome people of all ethnicities, religions, genders, ages, abilities, diets, taste of music, and fashion sense (or lack of it).
  5. Learning: Learning isn’t just for our learners. We all take joy in the pursuit of knowledge and work to create opportunities for others on the team to build and share their skills. 

Our Values


We seek to reduce information asymmetry for and between all of our stakeholders whenever possible. 


We listen to each other, our learners, and our partners out of respect and a desire to understand before acting.


We seek to reduce information asymmetry for and between all of our stakeholders whenever possible.

Transparency in Action:
  • Management share rationale for major company decisions with staff when asked.
  • Partner product trainings include information on costs and risks that learners should be aware of.
  • Investors are proactively informed about company risks, use of funds, and financial health.
Empathy in Action:
  • Learning designers listening to the needs of our learners before publishing content.
  • Every team member is given equal time to speak their opinions at an internal company-wide meeting on a controversial issue.
Evidence-seeking in Action:
  • A product feature is upgraded based on the results of an AB test.
  • Impact reports and expert opinion are collected before products are represented on the platform.
  • Projects are designed with appropriate M&E plans.
  • Negative or neutral results from RCTs are used for learning and not covered up.

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