Arifu receives an award at the Mercy Corps Agrifin Annual Learning Event Awards (ALE) 2021

Arifu receives an award at the Mercy Corps Agrifin Annual Learning Event Awards (ALE) 2021

Arifu was awarded as the Best Farmer Capability Solutions by Mercy Corps Agrifin for the first time at this year’s ALE 2021…

Wonder how mobile learning can enable MSMEs combat the pandemic setbacks? Read about Arifu’s innovative solution

I own a small branding business where I make customized phone cases, coffee mugs and business cards for my customers….

The First 3 Months of a Fulfilling Journey at Arifu

Getting a job at Arifu ushered me into a state of euphoria for the first few weeks after signing the contract. Throughout the interview process, I envisioned how great the opportunity …

My Journey Thus Far.

Prior to joining Arifu, I was working for an investment company but I had to resign due to personal reasons back home….

Partnership Announcement

With support from Google.org, Arifu partners with Praekelt.Org to promote the economic recovery of 500,000 micro and small businesses (MSMEs) in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. 


Designing Technology Products for Women

The adoption of technology plays a significant role in productivity enhancement and economic growth
[1]. More often than not, programs designed to achieve this goal tend to not be designed for women,
limiting the potential for economic development for the country at large, and for women in particular….

Platform links individuals to organisations for new skills

The pandemic has disrupted normal life across the globe, affecting businesses and forcing learners to find alternative ways to access knowledge. Marisa Conway, Chief Learning Officer and co-founder of Arifu, an online learning platform, talks about how their technology is helping solve the problem.

Arifu’s use case for logistic companies

With the growing pains of COVID-19, different economic sectors have been greatly affected globally. The East Africa Business Council report (April, 2020) supports that the transport and logistics sector has been among the most affected due to the restrictions in movement and is affecting trade flows due to transport and logistics disruptions.

How Arifu can enable youth employability in Sub – Saharan Africa

According to a report by Summit Recruitment, Kenya reports a youth unemployment rate of 39.1 %, Tanzania 24%, Uganda 18%, Rwanda 2.1%, and Ethiopia’s is at 2.78%…….

Last-Mile Delivery or Deadlock: Addressing Financial Inclusion in the Face of COVID-19

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying move to promote use of Digital Financial Services (DFS), the most vulnerable people in these communities, especially in rural areas where infrastructure may not be robust, will increasingly become more excluded unless innovations for cost-effective, secure digital financial services that respond to real service limitations and user capacities are quickly developed and rolled out.

The Role of Predictive Analytics in Digital Advisory (Part 2)

Our previous post on predictive analytics shared the incredible story of Zachary Ndegwa about how he used Arifu to multiply his income streams over the years. This story makes us ask every day how we can make Arifu a lifelong learning companion for people particularly to inform day-to-day decisions at scale.

Power of mobile learning: How to digitally reach your target audience in Nigeria

Arifu’s mission to impact the lives of people from low income communities is set to expand into Nigeria following the launch of our WhatsApp channel on the 9th of September 2020.


Evidently, Covid-19 has had a crippling effect on the overall global economy impacting several sectors in both developed and developing economies.

Business Daily Article: When essential farming skills are just an SMS away

Press alert on an Arifu feature in Business Daily.

How to Maintain a Healthy Portfolio during Covid-19: Invest in your Customers

It has been a difficult year for most of us financially. The covid-19 pandemic has affected many businesses and has left many people furloughed, 30% or more reductions in pay or in some cases unpaid leave.

An update from our CCO

As the new and first CCO of Arifu, I take immense pleasure in announcing the launch of our Arifu Whatsapp channel, which launched in early August and is continuously being updated with more and more content in collaboration with some of our partners.

My 7 weeks since joining Arifu: Stephanie Pownall

It’s been 7 weeks since I joined Arifu and I’d like to take a moment to reflect on my experience thus far. Being a recent college graduate, I was overwhelmed with the excitement to get this opportunity to work at a cutting edge impact business. To me, Arifu offers an excellent opportunity to apply my academic knowledge and build practical professional skills.

My first 7 weeks at Arifu: Andrew Thiongo

Getting a new job is always a great feeling. Your emotions vary from happiness, anxiety, anticipation and even a fear of the unknown. These were some of the emotions I experienced when I received my job offer letter from Arifu in May earlier on this year. From the onset, I knew that Arifu would be a great fit for me and 7 weeks in, I have been able to appreciate how amazing the company is and the role it is playing in making the world a better place.

Arifu Webinar Series – “Going digital: Best Practices in building skills and gaining insights through mobile technology”

Going Digital: Best Practices In Building Skills And Gaining Insights Through Mobile Technology

COVID-19: a catalyst for collaborative innovation

Recently, I was introduced to an analogy that described how difficult it was to fully grasp the likely scale of COVID-19 infections. The analogy compared COVID-19 to the stars. Strange, indeed. Though, this analogy works in two ways. First, we can only observe some of the stars in the universe regardless of whether we look up with our naked eye or peer through the most powerful telescopes. Despite immense technological advances in the past 100 years, we still cannot document all or even most of the stars in the universe.

Data Hub Visioning

Attending day long (or multi-day) long conferences and workshops can create a feeling of cautious uncertainty. The promise for such events is often about facilitating thoughtful collaboration and meaningful networking, identifying new knowledge, capabilities, or talent which otherwise may be missed, and, in effect, learn from and get inspired by like-yet-differently-minded individuals from really cool organizations. Rarely do conferences succeed at fulfilling these promises.

The role of predictive analytics in digital advisory

It is difficult to speak about Arifu without bringing up Zachary Ndegwa. Zachary was once a farmer from a village called Luma in Meru county, Kenya. In 2015, when Zachary first interacted with Arifu on his feature phone, he had a quarter acre tomato farm, the yields from which were sole means for providing for his family.

Introduction to Arifu

When we first launched our digital learning platform, Arifu, in 2015, we still had many questions about how our product should be designed to address the deep information gaps that exist globally, preventing billions from accessing relevant, affordable training and information to improve their quality of life.

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