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About Arifu Insights:

Arifu is a digital advisor whose training content can be accessed freely on SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. Arifu’s mission is to provide information and opportunities for all. Arifu Insights intends to inform our partners and the wider ecosystem of digital information providers about what we know to drive this mission together.

This edition of Arifu Insights highlights: 

This edition of Arifu Insights showcases our commercial value proposition for the financial services sector. The cases presented here will show how knowledge generation for consumers at a mass scale creates financial returns for financial service providers. Importantly, these cases also show how this commercial value ties back to impact on consumers through informed decision making and improved financial behaviour. In effect, this brief makes the case for why financial institutions should invest in digital consumer education programs.

Arifu's Impact

Below are some of the results we have observed across projects highlighting a strong demand for knowledge through Arifu’s platform , impact on Learners of Arifu, and commercial returns experienced by partners.

The outcome measures given below provide a snapshot of the full database of results available at Arifu. To learn more visit our Impact Dashboard and Key Insights documents that showcase our results in more depth.

Arifu’s Commercial Value Proposition

With 72% of our Learners living off of <$5.5 per day carrying underserved demand for knowledge and skills, we see a significant commercial value proposition for firms looking to increase their customer segment reach.


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